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Maggie is with out a doubt one of a kind. She has fixed my body time and time again. I cannot speak highly enough of her she is actually a LIFESAVER. I tell everyone I can they musts see her. I would be lost without her in my life.

Elle x

Elle Ferguson www.elleeffect.com 30/06/2020

I started seeing Maggie 12 months ago through my Pilates class after having knee surgery and years of lower back pain. She has relieved me of my pain and spasms. I continue to see her for maintenance in fact I can't go a month without her!!!

Lynne Gaden 26/06/2016

I absolutely highly recommend Maggie Hedman Myofascial Release, Lymphanic Drainage. This amazing woman has so much passion kindness and care in her work when it comes to achieving results.  Thank you so much Maggie I felt incredible.

Eleni Kondos 04/07/2016

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I have known Maggie for over a decade now and can honestly say she works wonders! Not only does she have an incredible wealth of knowledge about the human body, she also has amazing hands that have worked their magic and treated my chronic neck and back ailments.

Lily Grace 26/06/2016

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I've been seeing Maggie since I came to Sydney about five years ago. I've never been to a better therapist for my myofascial and other problems sustained in a bad car accident. She works on an area and I get movement that hasn't been there since I was young. She's always bright and positive, and helps by providing advice on what exercises I can do to help with my pain. She's the one who is making my life worth living. I'd recommend her to anyone - please book a session and find out for yourself.

Patricia Pearce 30/06/2020

Good bye knots and stiffness, hello subtlety and freedom of movement. Maggie's magic fingers dissolves all the built up tension you muscles carry. After a week at my desk Maggie makes me feel refreshed and relaxed.

Sylvia Down 26/06/2016

Maggie is a miracle worker! She is experienced, intuitive and has a deep understanding of the body's connectedness. Maggie has worked wonders for my overall posture and balance. Maggie's genuine care for her clients shines through her beautiful energy and expertise.

Lauren Miller 26/06/2016

Maggie is a life-saver / life-saver. She gives the most intuitive massages that allow your body to be comfortable and work properly. I can't recommend her highly enough - especially when pre and post natal.

Holly Garber 04/07/2016

The most effective massage I have received. Ever! Maggie is extremely knowledgable and intuitive. That along with her experience is second to none.

Bianca Pavan 01/07/2016

I am lucky enough to have met Maggie and experienced her incredible massages. Not only is she the best massage and myofascial therapist you will ever meet, but she also has the most amazing energy and is a beautiful soul. Her massages change you for the better. Posturally, energetically, physically, emotionally. #1!!

Carlie Fowler Founder & Director at The File 25/06/2016

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Maggie is an absolute wonder. She's hands down the best there is - she's helped to heal my chronic pain (and far beyond that). She's calm and kind and very respectful - she is legitimately the best kept secret in Sydney. I can not recommend Maggie enough, she's helped change my life, for the better.

Jane Negline Patient of Maggie's 28/05/2022

Maggie instantly removed the need for me seeing my chiropractor 3 times a week, my cluster headaches went away immediately after one session, and I believe this comes from more than her knowledge of anatomy, but her connection to your body in treatment! She just knows, feels, see's what others don't.

Ashley Elizabeth 25/06/2016

Maggie is an absolute magician. After her treatments it feels like she has magically fixed any issues! I've never had a massage before with such good results. She is very skilled, talented and passionate about helping you get your body feeling the best it possibly can.

Gracie King 25/06/2016

Maggie has a magic touch and is a passionate therapeutic massage therapist.

Trieuper Leculier 24/06/2016

Maggie is the most amazing massage therapist ever. So attentive caring and focused. If she cant work out where your pain is coming from no one can !!,. Cant recommend her highly enough.....awesome results

Kathy Saul 25/06/2016

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After a long period of chronic hip and back problems and more physio visits than I care to remember, I found Maggie. Maggie’s myofascial release and massage techniques have been a complete game changer, I haven’t walked into a physio since I started seeing her. She is so knowledgeable and intuitive and works her magic her such a professional way. She can spot the issues in my body’s alignment before I have even mention them. My body feels free and more aligned immediately following a session. I am so grateful I found her!

Carla 30/06/2020

I have been seeing Maggie for the last 12 years for various treatments. She is the only person I would trust for my back issues. I have recently discovered her lymphatic drainage massage and am addicted to it. I recommend it to everyone. Can't wait for my next appointment.

Nada Tosich 27/06/2016

Maggie treatments have fixed my chronic muscle problems which has made an enormous difference to my whole body alignment.

Marcia Bailey 25/06/2016

Maggie is so expert! She has such a passion for massage and a strong focus on healing and balancing people's body. She treats the person individually. Very intuitive treatments. I highly recommend!

Vanessa De Luca 25/06/2016