Pilates, Yoga and the Fascial Connective Tissue

Pilates strengthens and stretches the same muscular lines in which we are myofascialy glued together. Pilates and yoga aim to balance up the body to allow it to work more efficiently with strength and flexibility.

The connective tissue that binds us together is a network of mesh junctions that allows us to have all ranges of movement. When the connective tissue has become tight, not allowing the muscle to complete its full range, the body compensates in other areas, creating strain and tightness on the compensating muscles, which causes an imbalance in the body. Throughout the body we have up to seven layers of fascial connective tissue, including the bones, which are made up of hardened connective tissue. Without this we would virtually fall apart.

Myofacial massage releases the tight muscles so Pilates or Yoga can strengthen the weak allowing the body to become balanced.

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