Headaches, Migraine, Neck, & Shoulder Pain

Neck and shoulder pain has become the norm because of our working environment. The new technology of computers, mobile phones, iPads, office desks and phones is the reason for our bad posture leading to debilitating pain in the shoulders, neck and arms and the main reason for RSI
in the hands and wrists.

Myofascial release of the chest muscles and the muscles of the arm allows the shoulders to drop back on the rib cage in their correct position. The side of the body also tightens up when adopting a forward posture and needs releasing, in order to open up muscles between the ribs. Releasing the shoulder and the side of the neck is important to allow the shoulders to drop into place. Myofascial release to the back muscles has been keeping us on a level plane by supporting the forward posture which allows the body to become balanced. The final step of myofascial massage is to release the neck and the skull. Tension and tightness in the neck and the shoulders can cause cluster headaches that can become migraines, or lead to neck, back, shoulder, arm and nerve pain.

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