Pregnancy and massage

Being pregnant puts a lot of weight on the front of your body, making the front line of muscles tighten while the back line of muscles try to pull you back, in order to put your body on a level plane. The forward posture that is caused by carrying a heavy weight is supported by the opposing muscles, glutes and lower back. As the front of the body becomes heavy, because of bubby, the shoulders tend to fall forward putting strain on the neck and shoulders. Myofascial release works on the soft tissues allowing the fascial lines to be released and the body to straighten up which takes stress off the glutes, lower back and front of the body .. Having imbalances in the body can cause sciatic, lower back pain, pain along the groin line, sore legs shoulders and neck issues. Lymphatic drainage is beneficial in the late trimester for swollen legs and feet. Lymphatic drainage can assist with the recovery of mastitis by draining the lymph nodes on and around the breast area.

Maggie is a life-saver / life-saver. She gives the most intuitive massages that allow your body to be comfortable and work properly. I can't recommend her highly enough - especially when pre and post natal.

Holly Garber

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