Bras Bras Bras

Goodbye to conventional bras and hello to an unrestricted rib cage! Tight fitted bras and underwire are like a tourniquet to the rib cage. Restricting the movement of the ribs under the strap of the bra thickens, almost fusing, thoracic T4, T5 and T6 ribs, which are located at the centre of your back, together. Most of us are at computers, picking up children, holding our phones or even carrying handbags with the restriction of the bra strap. For example, women who are normally right handed on the computer have their shoulders forward causing the left shoulder to be tucked in and stagnant for hours. The use of a bra then sets the shoulders as well as the rib cage in this twisted position. The rib cage and shoulder girdles are made to move more fluidly, however, with a bra restricting the flow of the rib cage it causes a thickness between the ribs in order to support the tightness of the bra and underwire. Women can also have a curvature of the spine directly under the bra strap. This occurs by the thickening of the ribs creating tension, pulling the ribs and back muscles forward causing the curvature. This creates stress and tightness in the neck, shoulders and the back and front of the rib cage. 

So, please ladies, when looking for a bra, try a knitted soft support bra. I know as a therapist I’ve had client with a larger breast size thinking there’s no comfortable knitted bra but there is! Bras such as the Genie bra, Seamless magic wireless lift bra, Bamboo bra, and front closure lace posture bra – just to name a few. I know we all have beautiful lingerie but leave wearing that special bra for a special occasion.

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