Myofascial release treatments – Why and how they work.

We have 7 different layers of connective tissue throughout the body called fascia. I call it our internal ocean – without it we would fall apart. Under a microscope, it resembles a tubing that has elastin fibres and collagen running through it.  Fascia acts as our shock absorber – when muscles become tight, the fascia hardens. Myofascial release treatments are done slowly due to the fact that if the fascia is treated quickly and with too much pressure it can spring back like an elastic band. The fascia needs to be melted down slowly so the muscles fibres will stretch with the surrounding fascia. Skin, the outer layers of our organs, tendons, ligaments, scar tissue and even bones are made up of harden fascia. Myofascial treatments leave you feeling very relaxed due to the relaxant signals that are sent to the brain when the fascia tension is released. Fascia glues us together in a pattern, this pattern can be referred to as ‘myofascial lines’. When this pattern is followed, myofascial treatment can unlock an injury, allowing the body to function in a balanced and unrestricted way.

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